World in 2030 in Terms of Sustainability and Food Security

World in 2030 in Terms of Sustainability and Food Security
World in 2030 in Terms of Sustainability and Food Security

The year 2030 is just around the corner and experts are predicting that the world will be a very different place. What will our society look like in 2030? Will there be a sustainable food system?


We think that by then, the world should quite possibly look more like this.

A future where there is no hunger. A future where all people can participate fully in society, with dignity and equality. A future where our water and air are clean, so we can live happy lives instead of worrying about what contaminants might seep into our food or water supply.


And finally, a future where we have successfully partnered with nature to create an ecosystem that works for everyone.

Here is a breakdown of the key issues, who (or what) will be tackling them and some very hopeful future scenarios.


Key Issue: Health and Wellbeing of People


There are many ways to tackle this. Let us look at some examples.


Global health initiatives such as the World Health Organization and the Gates Foundation , have worked to bring down child mortality, and control the spread of major diseases like Malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB. With effective treatment, vaccinations, sanitation and healthcare in place – our health is helping to shape this future we are describing.

As an ecosystem, we can expect the health of nature to be improved as a result of the increased awareness and knowledge that people have of the importance of their role in maintaining health. The Earth’s forests, wetlands, rivers and oceans are all important components of our ecosystems – so as our global population grows, nature also grows.


In South Africa alone we have more than 1 000 species at risk – vulnerable species that are not considered to be threatened with extinction yet are in trouble. Invasive plants, invasive insects and animals such as rats, stoats and eagles pose a threat to these animals.


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