Ways to Prevent the Spread of COVID19

Ways to Prevent the Spread of COVID19
Ways to Prevent the Spread of COVID19

The recent COVID19 pandemic has been a cause of great concern for all people around the world, and it is our responsibility as global citizens to take any measures possible to reduce its spread. This article provides some recommendations that can help you prevent the spread of COVID19 or protect yourself if infected.

Stay home from work or school when you have symptoms and avoid close contact with others. Reduce your contact with those who may be at risk, such as young children and pregnant women. If in close contact use protective gear. (Gloves, masks, eye protection and other protective clothing.)


If you are exposed, wash the infected area with soap and water or disinfect it with an over the counter solution and seek medical treatment. Advice: Avoid sexual contact or shaking hands with anyone who displays symptoms. If you suspect you have been infected wash yourself thoroughly with soap and water.


Wash all clothes that have come into contact with your body after leaving a potentially contaminated area. Do not dry them in the sun as this can also spread the virus. In order to prevent spreading COVID19 it is recommended to remove all sharp objects from around your home such as furniture, cabinets and even light fixtures (lights).


It is also recommended that you remove your television, radio and any other electrical appliances. Disinfect any areas you may have been in close contact to with disinfectant wipes or spray. If you are able to handle the virus, use a clean cloth to wipe it from your skin or use alcohol to clean the area. For large open wounds or multiple openings (like handprints) wear disposable gloves.


Although there are still many things that we can do to prevent the spread of COVID19 it is important for us all to be aware of our surroundings and stay vigilant about these symptoms so that we can help those around us get well as soon as possible.


Seek professional health care as soon as possible if you think you are infected. Cleaning the area with soap and water can reduce the risk of transmission but disinfectants should not be used unless there is an exposure to mucous or open wounds and they should always be handled with gloves.


Cover any bite or open wound and use a clean bandage until it heals. Dress in light clothing that covers skin, do not share your bedding with others, avoid close contact with sick people and get plenty of rest. Avoid visiting crowded areas like hospitals, stadiums, gyms, schools and other places where COVID19 may spread rapidly. Avoid going barefoot outdoors as well.


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