Purpose of Typewriter and MS Word

Purpose of Typewriter and MS Word
Purpose of Typewriter and MS Word

The typewriter is a writing machine which uses a typeball to create characters by hammering ink onto paper. It comes in many different forms and has been in use since the late 19th century. The following are some of the most popular purposes of the typewriter.

Increase speed. Typewriters can help increase speed for people who have to write a lot, making it easier for them to get their work done.


Make mistakes visible. Typewriters allow writers to see their mistakes clearly and make corrections without much trouble.


Type text in other languages. Typewriters can be used to type in many different languages. They are a quick way for people to type in their own language and translate the text into other languages easily.


Reduce stress. Typists can relieve stress by writing down the day’s activities so they don’t forget any important details during the day. It is also very portable, making it easy for typewriter users to carry it to different places where they need to do work such as school, home, office or even when reading a book at home or on the train/bus (I know I use mine this way!).


Record thoughts. Ideas can be quickly jotted down on a typewriter and the typed text can be reread later, which means that you don’t need to rewrite every sentence on paper to record your ideas since they can all be typed up in one go.


Save time. Typing is much faster than writing by hand and typing up a long essay or report is therefore much quicker than writing it all out by hand first and then editing the text.


Reduce the number of pages needed to print the text. Paper is in high demand nowadays and using a typewriter can save the cost of paper by printing only one copy of the text instead of multiple copies.


Save money on ink. The ink in the typewriter’s writing heads is reusable, unlike the ink in ball-point pens and other writing utensils which has to be bought repeatedly.


Typewriters are useful even if they are not being used as there will always be times when they are needed as a backup such as when printers need repairs or batteries run out.


Produce large amounts of text faster than manually typing every letter by hand, where key striking errors would occur more frequently, resulting in wasted time for proofreading and corrections.


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