Proper Food Necessary for Good Health

Proper Food Necessary for Good Health
Proper Food Necessary for Good Health

People today are more conscious of their health than ever before. The amount of effort and dedication that goes into keeping a person’s body healthy is astounding and is not restricted to the young.


College students, like myself, should take extra steps to make sure they are eating the right foods in order to avoid poor health and obesity.


Below you will find 22 ways where by improvement can be made so that a college freshmen like you will understand the proper food necessary for good health.​


College students can find themselves eating out a lot to save time and money. Eating out, however, is not the healthiest of food choices because the nutritional value of many foods found in restaurants are questionable at best.


Foods that are purchased at fast food places are usually high in carbohydrates and fat which will easily lead to weight gain and muscle wastage. Many restaurants also put a lot of salt into their food, which will push up one’s blood pressure and make you more prone to kidney disease. College students, like myself, should take extra steps to avoid eating out as much as possible.



The next time you go grocery shopping always be sure to check the expiration date on all your food before you buy it. This will help you to be less prone to food poisoning and will also cut down the amount of waste that you generate.


Canned foods can be good for you if they have been properly prepared. It is best to avoid canned vegetables because it is hard to tell whether or not the vegetables are properly washed and prepared. In most cases, canned vegetables are cooked in heavy doses of oil which lead to high fat intake.


Additionally, most canned vegetables have become heavily processed which can also lead to damage done inside the body as well as being harmful in eating fresh vegetables.


Fruit juices and other drinks that look like juice but are actually alcohol are very bad for you because they contain a lot of calories and sugar. If a person chooses to drink, they should stick to clear liquors and wine.


Keeping your head up will help you avoid falling into the trap of unhealthy snacking in between meals. People spend a lot of time on their computer or listening to music while they are at home. Both of these things can make it hard to keep an eye on what you are eating and will lead to weight gain over time. It is best to have a piece of fruit or a glass of water in between meals when possible.




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