Patriotism and Nationalism

Patriotism and Nationalism
Patriotism and Nationalism

I have always considered paying my taxes to be patriotism. Today, I see it as nationalism.

As a Mexican American woman of mixed blood, paying taxes is patriotic for me because it enables the social order in America and the rest of the developed world.


Historically, this sort of social order is not possible without taxes to provide for basic public goods like roads, infrastructure, schools and hospitals which are all things that my ancestors fought for and died from being denied access to.


In return for providing these basic resources to society, I receive government services like welfare and Social Security which I rely on each day as well as benefits that help me survive poverty like food stamps or Medicaid which keeps my kids healthy despite their low incomes.


Even though I am a woman, I can still fight for the freedoms that my country has provided me as a woman. Here in the United States we are able to vote and have equal rights under the law for both sexes.


We are also allowed to run for political office and hold a government job, something that is especially important because my children will not be able to afford private health insurance like their white counterparts because of their low income.


The same goes for public education which entitles me to equal access to receive an education regardless of my income or race and it boosts economic opportunities especially for women with higher attendance rates who may be less likely than men to find employment after high school.


Paying taxes is patriotic for me because although the government may provide services that I cannot afford, I am still able to participate in society. The social order that taxes provide is a crucial piece of the American dream that allows me to live my life as a member of a community whether it be my neighborhood, my company or even my family.


It also provides me with valuable services like welfare and Social Security which keep me safe from poverty. In return for these basic services, I pay taxes which enable our country’s infrastructure to function properly which allows everyone access to clean air and water, address the problems of pollution and climate change, provide adequate policing services and make sure our society functions smoothly by protecting us from criminals.


By paying taxes, I am also making an investment in my future and the future of my country which is what good citizens do. Some may say that immigrants pay taxes but they do not pay into entitlement programs like Social Security, so they do not really contribute to their country. I think this is outrageous. The fact that immigrants are here means they want to be here and they want to be part of their new communities.


They are most likely contributing back to their home countries because they know it will help them get ahead in life back home.

I also consider paying taxes to be a patriotic act because it enables me to have a voice in politics.


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