No Vaccination No Entry​

No Vaccination No Entry​
No Vaccination No Entry​

Vaccines have been an incredible boon to the health of humanity. They’re one of the most significant life-saving medical discoveries in human history, and they’ve saved countless lives by helping people resist and fight dangerous diseases.

These vaccines are so effective that it’s led to us taking them for granted — which is unfortunate because if we don’t vaccinate enough people, diseases that had once been contained will reemerge in new forms and old strains return with a vengeance.


We need to be pro-active about vaccine uptake; we need to get them out into the world so their benefits can outweigh any potential downsides or inconveniences. Vaccination needs our help, not just now but for years going forward.


With that in mind, I’m excited to announce the creation of a new initiative: the No Vaccination No Entry campaign.


No vaccine, no entry: What is this?


NoVax is a social game that uses a set of principles and rules to encourage pro-vaccination behaviour.


In order to participate in NoVax, you must agree to not have been vaccinated for any illness listed on the website. It’s simple: if you agree with what’s on the website then you’re encouraged to play — and if you don’t, then don’t bother complaining that you can’t play because it isn’t designed for people who disregard science and evidence.


Yes, I’m serious.

Not all vaccines are listed, but those that are have a significant impact on health and life. Even the most benign pregnancy vaccine, the flu shot that protects against little more than colds, has been associated with a variety of unfortunate side effects including headaches, fatigue and nausea — as well as many autism cases in children who got the mercury-containing flu shot administered to them as infants. You won’t see a list of every single vaccine on this site; we’re focusing on ones whose impacts can be seen without much difficulty.


NoVax is not anti-vaccine, no matter how much the anti-vaxxers are. It’s pro-vaccination. NoVax takes an objective look at the current vaccine schedule and says, “This is too much.” In many cases, you’re forced to make a choice between a range of vaccines in order to protect yourself from a single disease — and in some cases, you have no choice but to take multiple vaccines if you want your children to go to school. The simple fact is that there are consequences for taking so many different vaccines, and we need to understand the risks fully before we consider them acceptable.


NoVax is also anti-ignorance.


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