Maxwell Corporation Distribution System​

Maxwell Corporation Distribution System​
Maxwell Corporation Distribution System​

Maxwell Corporation is a global manufacturer known for its wide range of innovations in the electronics industry.


Maxwell’s distribution system is composed of six operating divisions: Components, Consumer Products, Energy and Lighting Solutions, Industrial and Automation Solutions, Logic Power Supply Solution and Advanced Materials.


The company has an extensive network to deliver products to customers around the world; from the manufacturing plants in Japan to production centers worldwide that employ over 10,000 people.



The components division specializes in producing semiconductors for automotive applications as well as image sensors for smartphones like iPhone 6s Plus. It also manufactures remote keyless entry systems (simulators) for automobiles.


The consumer products division produces various types of home appliances, including Air Conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners. Home appliances are sold in the US, Asia and Europe.


The energy, lighting and industrial solutions division offers parts for fluorescent lighting, lamps and ballasts; thus contributing to the reduction of electricity consumption in businesses and homes. In addition to this they produce a range of motor control devices that work with vacuum cleaners, floor polishers as well as air conditioners.


These devices enable automated cleaning in both homes as well as commercial buildings whilst saving power at the same time. The company is also involved in manufacturing innovative electric motors known as bladeless fans which have caught attention from consumers worldwide.



The logic power supply solution division is involved in manufacturing lithium and lead cells, as well as development of micro-controllers. The company has developed a new technology, LiMnO2/LiNiMnCoO2 cells which is currently being used by Tesla Motors for its Model S Sedan.


Maxwell’s advanced materials division produces ferrite cores, aluminum alloys and rare-earth permanent magnets, which are used in various electronic applications like magnetic disk drives. The products manufactured by this division are sold to businesses who use it in the production of automobiles, high-speed trains, stoves and other household appliances.


The Maxwell Photo Corporation was established in 1947 by Erwin Mueller and a group of people. It started with the development of a cathode ray tube based oscilloscope that marked the beginning of the company’s contributions to the electronics industry.


In 1961, Mr. David Pohl joined the company, who was soon promoted to president and general manager in 1966. He assumed control over all other operation areas including manufacturing, sales and engineering to bring unification to all divisions of the company.



With more than 60 years of experience, Maxwell is still working on further innovations while maintaining a strong market presence worldwide. The company has a strong presence in Japan as well as overseas with four plants located in Thailand, China, Mexico and Taiwan.


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