Manifestation of Social Globalization in Life

Manifestation of Social Globalization in Life
Manifestation of Social Globalization in Life

Have you ever felt like the world has been shrinking? Maybe you’ve noticed that one of your friends or classmates is gone or out of touch and the other friends are becoming more distant. Have people stopped talking to each other anymore?


The truth is, the world has become a much smaller place with technological advancements. That being said, even though our social spheres have shrunk and globalizing ideas have made it difficult to maintain personal relationships, we can still create connections with others in new ways.


One way we can do this is through blogs and social networking sites. Social networks provide us a way to connect with others from all over the globe in new and exciting ways that were not possible before today’s technologies. Experiment with these sites and ask yourself: do you feel a sense of globalization within your life?


The Global Village We are now living in a global village. We have become accustomed to traveling the world, and even though we no longer live under one government, the powers of multinational corporations are becoming more apparent.


For example, today McDonalds can find out where you live and what town you live in. Technology has developed to an extent where data from personal information is collected from billions of people, controlled by a small group of companies like Google, and sold as advertisements that follow you around the internet.


This advertising also provides a revenue stream for social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. You can find out who your friends are and where they live. For example, Facebook allows you to look at people who live in the same town as you and their personal information for a price.


This could be anything from where they live to what kind of car they drive. Also, the way we pay for goods and services is changing more and more as technology advances. The benefits of paying with plastic cards or using our debit/credit cards are convenient, yet the world economy is still being run by paper money.


At some point in time, paper money will become obsolete because we have developed electronic currency that can be transferred easily around the world in seconds. The same will happen with paper money. The “paper” we use to pay for things today could be replaced by a digital version.


At this point we have reached full globalization and the world is now one village.


Globalization and Communication
I’ve been writing a lot lately about globalization, but what does it mean? We are all familiar with the concept of global warming, which has both advantages and disadvantages.


Global warming has caused a lot of environmental damage but also offers benefits in terms of food production and climate control that we could not have achieved without it. The same can be said for global communication.


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