Job of Quality Checker​

Job of Quality Checker​
Job of Quality Checker​

Despite the increased use of automation and technology, not all manufacturing processes are safe. In fact, there have been several cases where employees in China have been ordered to put children’s toys together without the use of heavy machinery.


There is no job more important than ensuring that products are safe for people to consume. This is why quality checkers are essential in manufacturing companies. Quality checkers review every product that enters a facility and helps make sure it is free from any defects before leaving the factory floor or warehouse.



The job also involves checking for defects on various production lines throughout a plant as well as consulting with other workers on how best to use machines and tools to create consistent products in an efficient manner.



These quality checkers take into account the instructions of the chemist, physical appearance of the product, and even material composition.



Due to this job being so important, quality checkers often receive a large amount of pay if they are in a position to negotiate. In many cases, “top-tier” companies (such as Apple or Google) will sometimes offer higher compensation for their quality checkers because they are such influential members of their company.



Quality control involves three basic steps: inspection, testing, and documentation. The first step is inspection; in which an inspector will look at every aspect of a product for defects and imperfections using tools like magnifying glasses or microscopes.



In this step, the quality checker must be careful because they might mistakenly overlook a defect. The second step is testing; in which the quality checker will compare a sample of a product to a reference or standard sample to ensure that it meets expectations.



The third step is documentation, where the quality checker must record any defects that they find as well as their findings. This can sometimes involve contacting the production manager in order to highlight an issue for further investigation.


Quality control ensures that workers are constantly improving their skills and creating high-quality products by developing strategies and tools through education.



While quality control workers may be in high demand and receive a large salary, they still must deal with stress and pressure involved with the job. Quality checkers often work long hours within small areas where they must deal with unpleasant odors as well as chemicals and other uncomfortable materials.



They also need to work very quickly because they are constantly being watched by supervisors. Quality control workers do not tend to receive much respect either because of the job’s association with the common worker; which is often viewed as a low-profile position without many opportunities for advancement.


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