Issues Exercising Power Leadership

Issues Exercising Power Leadership
Issues Exercising Power Leadership

The SK chairman wields a lot of power in his or her barangay — imagine how many problems you could solve if you were one!

Here’s what the chairman can do to solve today’s three biggest issues: drug addiction, online gaming addiction, and depression:

Drug Addiction The SK chairman can help by teaching kids in school about the dangers of drug addiction and providing programs on how to recognize when people are using drugs.


He or she can also talk to parents and make sure they know how to best monitor their children for signs of a problem.


Online Gaming Addiction The SK chairman can actually do a lot in this case because he or she is the one overseeing all programs of the barangay. All potential addicts can be put into programs to help them deal with their addiction, and online gaming centers can be shut down.


Depression The SK chairman can set up programs that teach children how to identify these signs in themselves and their friends, so they have a safe place to turn when they start feeling depressed: Feeling hopeless . Feeling like you have nothing to live for .


Questioning your faith . Thinking about suicide . Postponing important life decisions . Feeling like you’re a burden to others .


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