Industrial Sector is Dependent to the Agricultural Sector

Industrial Sector is Dependent to the Agricultural Sector
Industrial Sector is Dependent to the Agricultural Sector

The industrial sector is very important to the agricultural sector, as no matter how much produce one or two factories provide, it would not be enough to feed every person on earth.


The industrial sector also makes its own food that is missing from the nutritional value of the agricultural sector’s products.



Industrial operations are dependent mainly on domestic demand (that is, people buy their food at stores) for certain goods and services such as transportation and electricity. This dependency allows for a global economy that brings in more than $35 trillion a year in world trade. Overall, this dependency set up will make sure both sectors thrive together by providing a healthy supply of goods and services to the market place.



These two departments are intertwined in more ways than one. For starters, the agriculture sector is highly dependent on the industrial sector because agriculture produces many goods that are used by industrial companies.


The agricultural sector also supplies raw materials that are used in manufacturing industries. Natural resources such as oil and minerals are found in the soil and undersea floors of the ocean, just waiting to be exploited and turned into products that will be used in manufacturing industries.



The agricultural sector is also heavily affected by world events and governmental policies, which has a drastic effect on price fluctuations within this industry. The agriculture industry is also affected by changes in the cost of labor and raw materials, which could drastically affect crop prices.



The agricultural sector will not be able to continue producing food for the many people on Earth if the industrial sector is not booming in its support. The industrial sector is the backbone of the agricultural sector and without it, there would be a major problem on where to get the food that humans need.



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