Common Traits as a Entrepreneur of Tony Tan Caktiong

Common Traits as a Entrepreneur of Tony Tan Caktiong
Common Traits as a Entrepreneur of Tony Tan Caktiong

The common traits that the great entrepreneurs have, Tony Tan Caktiong, CEO and Chairman of Jollibee foods, one of the largest food company in Asia.


He shares in a Forbes magazine article which he is an entrepreneur who stays true to his vision and never gives up. He has had a lot of ups and down but always remains optimistic as he believes in what cannot be seen. These traits are exactly why Tony Tan Caktiong is considered as one of the successful entrepreneurs today.



This blog article contains information on what being an entrepreneur means, some useful skills you can acquire, how to stay motivated through always giving your best effort and continuously learning new things about your business.



Tony Tan Caktiong did not come from a wealthy family. His parents were both government employees. He has two brothers and a sister, who was adopted. Their dad died when Tony Tancaktiong was in Grade 7, their mother worked as a saleslady selling fish.


She left the fish market at noontime to cook meals for the family and then went back to the fish market at 3pm to sell some more until midnight. In high school, he worked as an office boy for various companies to earn money for his studies, because his family could not afford college fees.



Tony Tan Caktiong has been the CEO of Jollibee Foods Corporation Inc. one of the larger food companies in Asia. The company has about 80,000 employees at this time and is currently worth $3 billion.


He has also been part owner of Kopi Besar Group, which was founded by his mother. Through this, he was able to set up Kopi Land Holdings, a coffee shop chain named after his family’s surname, “Tan”. He also owns a stake in T’Pring Corporation and Citystate Corporation (primarily real estate development), each worth around $100 million.


He is also the major stock holder of Golden Haven Memorial Park, which is one of the biggest funeral parlors in Philippines.


Tony Tan Caktiong married former flight attendant and violinist Rhoda Mae Batali in 1987. They have two children, namely Antonia Theresa “Toni” and Joey “Joey Jollibee” Tancaktiong. Toni and Joey are also actively involved with their father’s businesses, she as current Chief Financial Officer and he as President of Jollibee Foods Corporation International.



Tony Tan Caktiong started his business at a young age by selling snacks to students in his high school campus during lunch time.



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