Author’s Claim about Fast Food in the Introductory Paragraph​

Author's Claim about Fast Food in the Introductory Paragraph​
Author’s Claim about Fast Food in the Introductory Paragraph​

You may think the food at fast food restaurants is unhealthy and you should avoid it, but did you know that most of the typical meals consist mostly of vegetables?


Fast food restaurants have been around for a long time, but not as long as people have been eating meat. Fast food sandwiches are almost always made with vegetables, even if it’s not listed on the menu. It’s easy to confuse vegetable-laden fast food sandwiches with a vegetarian meal.



Another reason you might think that fast food is unhealthy is because you don’t get to see how it’s made. It might not be made in a clean environment, but the fast food industry has rules that require every restaurant to follow proper safety and sanitation procedures in the kitchen.



Things like proper hand washing, cleaning and sterilizing of utensils, cooking food at the right temperature and following standard recipes are all part of those rules. You can find a list of those requirements on the website for the National Restaurant Association ( The fast food industry prides itself on cleanliness and safety.



The key to making healthy choices at a fast food restaurant is to read the nutritional label – or for the budget-minded, the ingredient list. You can find that information on the front of all fast food “value” sandwiches, at the top of most burgers and in many other places in restaurants that prepare food. Listen carefully when you’re ordering, too – you might be surprised at what you get at a fast food restaurant.



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