About School Hours

About School Hours
About School Hours

School hours get really long. Some kids there don’t get a break at all.


This is my opinion but I’m not the one who made that decision and I know it’s just an opinion.


School hours are silly because teachers don’t have to pay for them, we do. It’s our time that they’re taking and we should be able to choose what we do with our time. We should also be able to decide where and when school does happen so that it doesn’t interfere with any important events like school, work, or fun life events like video games, movies etc…


We’re not getting any work done, we aren’t learning anything, we’re not getting to hang out with our friends and family or doing things that make us happy so why are we here?


Unlike Mr. Gilbert’s argument, the “hour” he refers to can be changed at any time by decision of the people who create the new rules.


In this situation a majority vote will decide whether school hours stay as they are or change for the better for students. If this situation arose in our country today, it would look like this:
Students will have one referendum on their time spent in school during that year.
In that referendum, the students will vote for:

1. If we will agree to have school hours every day.

2. If we want school to start at 9am and end at 3pm or 8am-3pm (or whatever time class lasts).



Students can also decide types of classes they would like to take… Click Here To Vote!
“But,” they ask, “how do you make the decision?”


It’s simple. We ask each student to put an X on the ballot paper which indicates if they feel that this is a good way of spending their time in school or not. Or, if they want to change it in some way.


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