THE TELL-TALE HEART by Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe’s depressing and disheartening life influence some of his works.

These events in Poe’s life inspired him to write tragic and dark stories explaining his heavily experiences that he always carries within himself. He witnessed his family members die before him. He lost his mother and wife because of tuberculosis, and weeps the tragic happenings in his life through writing stories or poems that are related to these events. The Tell-Tale Heart was influenced by Poe’s life since he suffers from depression of watching the deaths of his love ones in which the story it was reflected when the narrator killed the old man. This story is about death which Poe’s always agonizes.

2. How would you describe the narrator in the story?

The narrator in the story feel so nervous to commit a crime that is motiveless. He wants to get rid the old man not because he desires his wealth nor the old man do something terrible against him. The narrator claim that he is not crazy and insane because he understands what he’s doing or actions. But as the story goes on, it was proven that the narrator is not on his right mind thinking that he could lessen the guilt he felt in taking the life of the poor old man by staying sane after he get rids of the eye. The reason of his desire and madness to get rid the old man is his pale blue eye wherein every time this vulture eye met his gaze, his blood ran cold. Aside from that, the narrator is good in hiding his committed crime wherein he is able to talk or converse with the policemen without getting suspected until his own sanity and fear betray him and he confess his own crime. He is also ruthless in which he manages to dismembers the old man even they shared some memories being neighbors together. He is capable of doing anything just to make sure that being dreadfully nervous and mad seeing the vulture eyes of an old man gone even it will lead him to kill. He’s also able to calm himself even though he’s tense with the idea of killing the old man through watching him every night and so cunning in making moves.

3. Why did the narrator kill the old man? Support your answer.

As what the story says, he admits that the old man is kind and a good neighbor to him. He never did something that could upset the narrator.  And, he says that he did not kill the old man because he craves to own the old man’s money. Instead, he told us that it was the eye of an old man, a vulture pale blue eyes that whenever this eyes fell upon him, he became mad and got this feeling that he needs to get rid the eye forever and decided to end the old man’s life. This eyes are like evil and makes him also become sinful. He became obsessed with the thought of getting rid the eye so that he could keep his sane.

4. Why did the narrator confess the crime he committed at the end of the story?

The narrator claims that he’s so cunning and clever in hiding his crime that no one could detect it. He lets the policemen enter the house to avoid suspicion and calm himself to take his wariness. The officers were convinced and the narrator feels at ease until he felt that he became more pale and he’s already sweating by hearing the pleasant conversation of the officers making him think that they already know the truth and they are mocking him. With a loud thumping of heart, his nervousness became evident believing that his crime was already exposed and he couldn’t bear anymore those hypocrite smiles of the officers. He confesses the crime he committed by telling them that it was beneath the planks he hides the dismembers body of the old man.

5. Why is the story entitled “The Tell-Tale Heart”?

The story was entitled as “The Tell-Tale Heart” from which the title itself, it was the beating of the heart who betrayed him and force him to tell his murder. Since he was too nervous that the officers would hear the beating sound, he neglects the truth that it was his own heart beating so loudly and fast. The officers came to that house not to suspect that he committed malicious act but because their neighbors heard strange noise and they want to know behind that sound. It came to the point that he already lost his senses and starts to panic by believing that it was the heart of an old man underneath the floor. He screams and confess his evil deed and telling that it was the dreadful heart of the old man force him to admit his crime.

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