Edgar Allan Poe is one of the greatest writer that known for his horror and detective stories. In this essay, it shows us the other side of Poe wherein it is unusual literary work of him wherein it offers his philosophies on interior decorating.

His other personality here is shown which is being funny since we are usually used to read his dark stories. Poe’s desires about decorating his own room inspires him to wrote this essay, from telling that Americans are more supreme than those other countries mentioned in the essay in terms of interior designing and advising of choosing appropriate furniture’s to show. This essay’s mood and theme is quite different from the author’s attitude of writing his other works in which includes mystery and fear while he put some humor and wit at the same time in this essay.

2. Why was the essay entitled “The Philosophy of Furniture”?

This essay was entitled as “The Philosophy of Furniture”, since the author wrote all his idea and theories about interior decorating. He shares his viewpoint about choosing suitable furniture to be put inside a room. Then, maybe furniture or decorating helps to be appealing in the eyes of everyone. It also tells us that philosophy of furniture helps to be more creative and artistic in selecting good quality of furniture and choices of materials that suits the whole place. The title gives us hint that it’s all about best selection which will make your interior design taste genuine. And displaying good taste interior design signifies that you are wealthy enough to spend your money just for that.

3. What does the line “As we grow rich, our ideas grow rusty” mean?

Having large purse with a lot of money signifies of being aristocratic. Even our place which display of good taste of furniture’s means wealth is overflowing and they celebrate it by spending in interior decorating. If someone has a bad taste of choosing things to display, he only waste a little bit of his wealth. “As we grow rich, our ideas grow rusty” mean that we just spend our money without worrying how we spend it. We just use it as an expenses of having good taste and displays to everyone how bountiful you are as a person. We didn’t even worry if we spend it on nonsensical things since it only a portion of your possessions.

4. What does the author tell the reader about the symbolism of mirrors? Support your answer with a line from the essay.

We use mirrors to look for our reflection. However, in this essay Poe claim that we overuse mirror wherein we put too much mirrors inside our place that it looks exaggerated and inflated and it was supported with a line from the essay “The rage for glitter-because its idea has become as we before observed, confounded with that of magnificence in the abstract—has led us, also, to the exaggerated employment of mirror.”  Aside from the reflection that mirrors provide for us, it is also give pleasant display to those who like the effect of glass gleam. However, Poe says that mirrors symbolize for continuous, flat, colorless and unpleasant thing. The use of too much mirror is only for arty show.

5. What does the author tell the reader about the symbolism of carpets? Support your answer with a line from the essay.

Carpets mentioned in the essay as the sole of the apartment, and supported with a lines from the essay “The soul of the apartment is the carpet. From it are deduced not only the hues but the forms of all objects incumbent.” It gives another impression and serves as one of the main decorations use to fascinate the eyes of others. From the choices of good carpets, you can then decide the rest of colors and designs of the room. But, Poe give his judgment on poor presentation of carpets and even other forms can be found inside the room. The symbolism of carpets for me represent the display of wealth in the form of choosing in good taste or using their riches to spend in buying belongings. It is their way to show how prosperous they are through having nice interior design.

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