Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

The Philippine Constitution As A Subject

The Philippine Constitution As A Subject

As a Filipino citizen we need to know what kind of governance they to govern us in our country.  As a invidual person we must know it so that we aware of what the politics do to make sure that we are safe to live in the country that we belong.

The subject politics and governance gave me a lesson or learnings that I can apply. I learned about the laws of our country not only in our country but in the other country to make us aware for it.

We must follow the law of our countries because the government do that law for our safety. And also I learned in this subject that before the police officer search your house they must have a search warrant to give you so that they are ok to inter your house in what they need to find in our house.

If the police officer search your house without search warrant they are not required to inter your house it has a law a law that we need to follow.

Those are the examples of my learnings in this subject there’s a lot of learnings that I learned, in order for me to use it in my daily lives. Those topics I learned can give me a power to teach to my students someday.

I would like to say thank you to my professor because he gave me a lot of learnings in this subject. He gave a further information to the topic that the reporters discussed to make his student understand will the topic.

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