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Steps Needed for Developing Portfolio Assessment

Steps Needed for Developing Portfolio Assessment

The design and use of portfolio begins with a clear description of your focus. The questions ‘Why do I want a portfolio?’ and what learning targets and curriculum goals will it server?’

Preparing to Use Portfolio

´1. Who will construct the portfolio? ´

  • Individual students with teacher input and help
  • Individual students with input and help of cooperative learning groups.
  • Cooperative base groups (Whole group work) with teacher’s Input and Help.

´2. What type of portfolio do you want to use?

3. What are the purposes and objectives of the portfolio?

4. What categories of work samples should go into the portfolio?

5. What criteria will students or groups use to select their entries?

6. Who will develop the rubrics to assess and evaluate portfolios?

Below is an example of assessing reading skills performance which shows the alignment of teaching and learning goal, activities and assessment task which includes portfolio evidence

GoalSample Classroom ActivityPortfolio evidenceAssessment Tools
Decode(Basic Reading skills)Read simple textsWord bank, selected ‘texts I can read’ , reading on a cassetteIndividual progress report, peer compliment, checklists, rating scales
Appreciate literature, understanding characters and themesSemi-extended reading activities (Both guided and independent learning)Reading logs, reading journal, book tasks, cassette, video clips, artworkSelf/Peer assessment checklists
Reading for pleasure (Extensive reading)Sustained silent reading in class as well as homeA log of books, creative tasks and comment cardsTeacher’s record of student’s reading: Rating scale relating to content, presentation and language

Identify the physical structure

Once the purpose and targets have been clarified, we need to think of the physical structure of the portfolio. Some practical questions affect the successful use of portfolio in your classroom.

  • What will it look like?
  • Where will the students place the outputs?
  • What type of container is appropriate?
  • Do they need file folders? Clear book? Plastic bins?
  • How are the materials to be organized?
  • Where can students store the portfolios for easy access?

Determine the appropriate organization and sources of content

The content of portfolio consists of entries which provides assessment information about the content and processes identified in dimensions to be assessed. These naturally are artifacts which are derived from the different learning activities. The range of samples is extensive and must be determined to some extent by the subject matter and the instruction.

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