Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020


In this subject I’ve taught many lot of things the importance of the people that may involve in politic, the different kinds of Article that we discuss in every topics. The contributions and achievements of the President in the Philippines. I encounter the political issue that we may discuss further and understand more on how to resolve the issue in many ways.

In the beginning of the semester I wasn’t too ecstatic since I’ve never been intrigued by the concept of how our government operates or history. My attitude and my goal entering the course was positive because every topic that we may discussed was very relevant to us  in order to understand better how political important to everyone. This course also allowed me to expand my knowledge and not to be so closed minded by becoming more active and involved in society.

My goal also in this subject is to build my vocabulary word each day; which helped strengthen my mind. Also, to improve my critical thinking skills, sometimes I gave an idea based on my own interpretation to the topics. What I have learned in this subject has allowed me to apply it to my everyday life.

Image Source: Pexels

I’ve developed a better understanding to our government operates and the impact in every citizens. This class also helped me strengthen my learning skills through online and develop my comprehension and reading skills. It is an important for me to express what I feel and need to see in our country and I also wanted my voice to be heard in terms of political and economic issues.  It would be nice to live freely and practice sovereignty in your own country. The hope of our countrymen is dependent on our dedicated group leaders. 


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