Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

Reflection About PH Constitution

Reflection About PH Constitution

What I have learned from this subject? I have learned from this subject first is that Government keeps everyone save. A social contract signed between the government and the people ensures that the government will protect the people as long as the people let the government do what is best for them, such as making laws. Without a government, there would be even more crime in the world than there is now, so many people would be killed or injured and nobody would get along.

With a government, we have to abide by their rules and in return they protect our natural rights. Second is we must to know and be involve in a Politics where in everyone should have a say in what will happen, because we all live side by side with each other, and it would not be fair if someone was left out. Also, each vote makes a difference in the ways that we live. It is always important to share our opinion. The way you vote will affect many people, and their everyday life. Politics are very important and very complicated. Some people might not care about politics, but when something bad happens, they will regret not voting.

And last, as a Filipino citizen in this country we may know and learn about our political rights and privileges from a given form of government that includes the political structure and processes of our state.  Without this knowledge we wouldn’t know which rights we have and more importantly the battles that were fought in order to award us these rights. As citizens the knowledge that we gain by studying politics and governance are useful to both our leaders, and we, the citizens.  It is important to always be aware of our rights.  Our right to vote, our constitutional rights, the right to basic services such as education, health, and sanitation.

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