Philippine Legends

Philippine Legends – list down at least 3 and give a short synopsis.

  1. The legend of pineapple tells a story about a young girl named Pina. She was known as a spoiled child in her village. When her mother became ill, Pina was task to do her job and be responsible in doing the household chores. One day, she was asked by her mother to boil some rice. Pina claimed she couldn’t find the ladle. Her frustrated mother made a wish that Pina would grow a hundred eyes so she could see already the ladle. Time came that Pina disappeared and the neighbors had to help her mother get well. Her mother search and find Pina, but she couldn’t find her anywhere. Finally, her mother found a large round fruit with unseeing eyes. Her mother took it and plant to make them grow more, and share it with her neighbors. She remembers her daughter and named this plant “Pineapple” for the remembrance of Pina, her lost child.
  • The legend of Ivisan, the history behind its name. This place is known before as one of the richest having a certain portion of area recognized for its bountiful water resources especially Ibis or small fishes that was used by many people living there through preserving and drying. This place is originally known as IBISAN before the coming of Spaniards, coming from the word “ibis” which means plenty and abundant of small fishes. Since it was located at the coastal area, fishing is their source of living. Until such time that the name of IBISAN was change into IVISAN wherein the letter “b” was changed into “v”, because of the presence of the Spanish folks in this place. Until now, this place is certainly known as Ivisan by many, and always known by its bountiful fish resources.
  • The fish, and their scales is a story of a little fish who got her new skin and named it “scales”. A group of starfish, who always said that they were better than anyone else. All of the sea life who lives there, wanted to better than these group of self-centered starfish. The anemone said, “we are colorful” but the starfish said “we can move, and we can walk and swim, unlike you!”. The clownfish said, “we are faster than and better swimmers than you”, but the starfish said, “we all look different, but you all look the same”. Many other animals and even few plants tried to convince the starfish that they were better, but none could. One day, a tiny fish decided to challenge the starfish again and again but he failed and died. Winter came, and all of them went into undersea caves to be warm during the winter season. The starfish were crowded in a corner warming each other up, but the tiny fish was not cold, and he decided to go out of the cave. But, since it was colder outside, some ice froze onto the fish skin. The fish was so excited so he swims faster and faster far with joy. But before he could stop swimming, he banged his new skin on the layer of ice on the top of the sea. His new skin cracked and he named it “scales”. The fish swam back to the cave. When the starfish saw the fish, they murmured to themselves that it was better than us. The starfish were embarrassed so they change their name as sea stars and left. All the other fish wanted to have scales too. So, they went out the cave and swam also. That is the reason why fish have scales and star fish are called sea stars.

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