T.S Arthur’s life experiences influenced his writings. He wrote some of his literary works about family struggles and situations.

He attempts himself to delve in that kind of theme to share his knowledge to his public readers. He experienced of being out of school due to lack of finances since his parents struggling for having low income. This might have triggered him to write short stories which involves family theme and this short story aim to give us lesson that in order to attain happiness in our home, selfishness, unjust, wrongdoers must be forgotten and neglect.

2. Why was the story entitled “Other People’s Eyes”?

The story was entitled as “Other People’s Eyes”, because the story taught us that we should only refer our happiness with our eyes and not with the eyes of other people. The author wants to tell us through that title that the true pleasures we could feel is not through having new furniture’s or materialistic things that we possess. The title gives us this curiosity on what will happen to the story, and somehow provide hints that it will can capture and touch one’s heart. And it was mentioned in the story that gives the highlight to teach us lessons and can be applied in real life. It also inspires us to become someone that could satisfy our own self not how others should see us.

3. How would you describe the character of Mrs. Cartwright? Support your answer with a

line/s from the story.

Mrs. Cartwright think that it’s better if they will buy new carpet to replace their old and shabby carpet because she wants to get boast to her cousin Sally that her married life improves. She wants to show and proves that they are capable of replacing their old stuffs to new ones. Mrs. Cartwright wants to lift up her pride to her cousin by believing that material things are more valuable in everyone’s eyes than warm welcome, it was supported with a statement from the story “I feel a little pride about the matter, and don’t want her to think that we’re growing worse off than when we began life, and can’t afford to replace this shabby old carpet by a new one.” Aside from that, Mrs. Cartwright is always tempted with things that can caught her eyes, they bought a new carpet for the sake of her eyes pleasure. She’s not satisfied and pleased with the things they already have.

4. What does the line “This little experience showed them an aspect of things that

quickened their better reasons, and its smart remained long enough to give it the power

of a monitor in all their after lives” mean?

For me, “This little experience showed them an aspect of things that quickened their better reasons, and its smart remained long enough to give it the power of a monitor in all their after lives” mean that those experiences teach them lessons in life that they could use it in their daily lives. Those unforgettable moments of their lives gives them another hope to change into someone who could do better decisions and not to get disappointed with its results. Mrs. Cartwright learned to her mistakes that helps her to understand that true happiness and pleasure could gain through love and understanding each members of the family and not with achieving materialistic things that could only glimmer the eyes of others and soon fade. This lesson serves as their guide to live the rest of their lives with true happiness and become satisfied and value those things they owned. 

5. What emotion did the writer try to convey to the reader after reading the story? Support

your answer.

The emotion that the writer tried to convey to his readers after they read the story is guilt. Guilt is a powerful emotion that we always feel whenever we did something that turns out to bad results. In the story, Mrs. Cartwright feels so guilty when she realized what she did is wrong. She used her husband’s savings to save her pride to her cousin Sally. She bought new furniture’s to brag that their life somehow improves without realizing that her cousin will visit her to get close with her purely not to see her new things in her home. She also felt guilty when she found out that her husband is suffering silently for losing a friend’s trust.

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