Literary Text As Student Of Literature

When students like me study literature, we learn to appreciate the richness of each words. It possesses power allowing us to travel in different realms, time, and space whenever we engage ourselves in reading a certain literary text.

It helps us to understand the culture, beliefs, and views that they want to portray. It also helps us to connect ourselves with the characters in a given literary text through feeling their pains, joys, and happy moments. We were also able to identify the characters’ hidden motives through their actions. Literary text as a student of literature helps us to read as best as we please. We enjoyed reading them as well as the author enjoyed writing his literary piece to touch everyone’s heart by his unique style of writing and meaningful message that could motivate, inspires, and awaken our emotions inside.

Aside from that, through treating a literary text as a student of literature, students able to learn new words, the proper and standard structure in writing poems, expands our imaginations, and enhances the reading skills and habits of the learner who reads literature.

Explain how both literary theory and criticism offer different ways of understanding a literary text? 

Reading and interpreting a literary text by the use of literary theory and criticism expands our imaginations and we learn to empathize with others. It helps us to read more for comprehension. Both of literary theory and criticism offers different ways to understand a literary text. Literary theory, were developed as a means to understand the various ways on how people going to read texts. It serves as our ideas that act as our lenses to view and critic about a certain literary text and its culture.

Researching or gathering ideas, reading, and writing works through the use of literary criticism helps us to make better sense of the work, form judgments about literature, study ideas from different points of view, and determine on an individual level whether a literary work is worth reading. Literary theory and criticism aim to explain, entertain, stimulate and challenge the student of literature that help us to achieve a better understanding of literature. They were both useful when it comes to helping students to understand and comprehend a literary text, by providing us some ideas that could help us in analyzing a literature, and improves our ability to read critically and interpret various literary texts.

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