How Communication Affect Education

Since in the past generation communication has been arrive, they were using already of what we call “Communication”. Communication means “to share’. It is sharing of information between different individuals.. These includes our emotions, the cultural situation and even our locations.

Communication leads us to connect with each other and it builds unity in a different places, that’s why communication is the key to learn to earn and to achieve a successful life, and also communication helps you to understand and to appreciate of what feelings being express of a person.

Communication first started in 3500 BC when the Phoenicians developed an alphabet and communication cames from Latin word “Communis’ which means Common, it also means ” to make known”. Our Educators are very important to everyone, who taught us on how to communicate very well,which in the first place communication is one of the necessary needs of individually. Mostly in a poor families they don’t really mind how Communication is important but for us,as an educator we should focus and give a lot of time in order to attain the good grammar and a fluent speaking when it comes to communication. Education gives us knowledge, that leads us a conscious mind in able to connect and to improve our learnings on how to speak confidently in public, and to improve your skills and talent, acting, drawing through the help of communication. Communication it really affects education because it uses words in able you to learn and to communicate nicely; to connect, to inform, and to convey meanings from one entity or group. This means that relational message comes across in different countries.

One of the most popular forms of Communication ever was created by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Communication is the most effective at all and it was have a tremendous impact in every individuals mostly ina a poor families who did not have enough money to pay for a school tuition in able them to learn. Communication helps us to collect and exchanging information in a different individuals and it also improves a good human relation.

Education was also connected in Communication because of the same intention and that is to gives us knowledge ang helps us to build opinions and it helps us to learn new things, and it builds a lot of reflection, creative association depending on how we use the words in order to communicate.

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