Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

History and Heritage General Juan Arce and the Organic

When we inter in the school of Vicente Andaya National High School where our seminar held in that school in the Municipality of Sigma Capiz. It was my first time to enter in that school.

Even though our stay to there is to short but we are learned a lot of things about the life of Juan Arce. The teacher there is so very approachable they welcome us in their School.

The speaker was Dr. Vincent Villan he is a Sigmahanon, historian, and a professor at Department of History. The speaker was very intelligent he knows the whole story of Juan Arce, apparently General Juan Arce has a Sigmahanon also like me.

Im proud of Juan Arce because he was a lot of contribution to his municipality and his country he was an inspiring  people to me and to the people who know or herd the life of Juan Arce.

It is now heard almost everywhere that issues to the Sigmahanon where did begins and happened.  And Dr. Vincent was the one explained very well about Juan Arce life and the contributions of General Jarce in our country.


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