What is foregrounding?

Foregrounding refers to the concept of making certain features prominent in a text. It is used to add an unusual and unique idea to the language.

Thus, foregrounding can manifest in various ways in a text. These include unusual capitalization, italicization, bold words, contractions, underlining, picture/art works and so on. We can say that the use of these foregrounding devices creates some visual imagery which adds to the memorability of a text.

2. Identify and discuss the foregrounded items in the following:

a. This is 9ja talk, my mobile line.

It can hook the attention of readers because of the choices of words and its style in putting up into group of words to form a new sentence. The foregrounded item is 9ja talk since it is an unusual word, and it could be a name of mobile line or it is the name of a person whose talking behind the mobile phone.

b. Please note that lecture attendance is compulsory if you want to pass.

Attendance and compulsory is the foregrounded items since these two words are in unusual bold words like it need to be seen immediately by someone who can read it. Signing lecture attendance is an obligatory task that need to fulfill.

c. Let us unravel the meaning of Lilliput in Gulliver’s Travels together.

The foregrounded item is Gulliver’s Travels since these words are underlined.

d. On JUNE 12 I stand.

June 12 is the foregrounded item because it was written in all caps or unusual capitalization. There’s no comma. This sentence could mean that someone is reminding him/herself to do something on that date.

e. Read your Bible and pray every day.

The foregrounded item is Bible since everyone knows it. This word is known by anyone and always mentioned whenever we go to church or hearing it to someone we know who loves to share gospels of GOD.

3. What do you think is the importance of foregrounding in any text?

Since foregrounding add flavors to the text by highlighting some of words, or making some words in all caps, italics and so on, readers are able to remember it. Those foregrounded items stored in reader’s long-term memory that strengthen their retention rather than those words in their usual form. And also it helps the readers to appreciate more the beauty and richness of the text. Foregrounding is a literary technique used to enhance the text in a way that it can easily catch the reader’s attention, and helps not to easily get bored in reading the whole words that was written in that text.

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