Equity and Equality in Education

Equity and Equality in Education

Equity and Equality are two different aspects of balance, yet, it can bring positive changes to a dynamic educational system. Here are some thoughts of Dr. Eva Fabraquel (District Supervisor Region-6) about the Equity and Equality in Education here in the Philippines.

Equity and Equality in the Philippine’s Educational System

Judging by the current new normal that we are currently facing, equality and equity is so far-off from our educational system; students both in primary and secondary levels are struggling to adjust with the current system, most of them don’t have the proper equipment to participate in online classes, some of them has the equipment but doesn’t have the funds to maintain it for a long period of time, and some are remotely accessible for the school faculty to reach.

 Geographical location, monetary aspects, and availability have been the key factors to these problems over the years. This year, although we have made and implemented many strategies such as handling modules to the learners and home partners, still, it isn’t enough to achieve true equality and equity in our educational system.

 These barriers cannot be controlled due to the status of our economy and society, but it can be mitigated to a point where everyone can at least get a proper and formal education.

Importance of Equity and Equality

            Everyone should have an access to proper and quality education; even those who came from heavily impoverished families. Often times, these students who are deprived of almost all resources are the ones who excel the most in studying; this is why equity is important.

            Equity gives the students a fighting chance at life; by supporting them with their needs to learn, as well as tending to their day to day physiological needs. Only through this can we bring out each of their potentials to the fullest, and turn them into productive and responsible members of our society.

            If we look at this in a large scale, it could benefit our country as a whole. These children who are given the proper utilities and equipment that they need to study can contribute greatly at some point in our country. Imagine a place where everyone has the capacity to learn with equal comfort, someday they’ll be able to boost the different branches of our industries and then boost our aptitude to move towards a better future.

            In short, it is an opportunity that we should take as soon as possible because they are the future.

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