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Enriching the Filipino Culture through Unity, Concord and Transformation

Enriching the Filipino Culture through Unity, Concord and Transformation

It is exceedingly remarkable just to think about the fact that our humble country started out as a small community of nomads, traveling back and forth from the shores of the orient pearl to its resourcefully rich mountains in order to barter with their fellow countrymen.

Trade has flourished and different practices and beliefs were circulated which formed our cultural heritage as to which we practice even up to the present date. Everything seemed very spot on; the culture, trade, local communities. But there was one fatal flaw that the early Filipinos overlooked when the Spaniards came to invade us, “Unity, Concord and Transformation”.

I’ve observed that the Filipino culture is in its static state, it slowly disintegrates and is being replaced by the culture of other nations. Even the simple “Mano po” which shows a sign of respect for the elderly is almost nonexistent in the current generation resulting to a loss of a piece of who we are as Filipinos, namely, our culture. Where did it go? What are the causes of this?

First is unity. There are many factors which affects the unison of each individual communities/groups within our country; Political views, religion, moral standards, social status and even our very own language. There wasn’t a single day where I never saw two opposing groups arguing about whose religion is better, whose political candidate is better and so on which transitions to the next part.

 Second is concord. There will never be peace if the nation’s people are divided. There will never be reconciliations if one community won’t accept the norms of the other. There will always be an uneasy tension that will grow up until it results to rebellion uprisings, marginalization, and even tyranny itself. If we constantly wage war on one another we would be putting “Death, Hate and Betrayal” as the pillars of our culture.

The last aspect is the Transformation. How could we transform ourselves if we are incapable of making peace and uniting with our fellow countrymen? How could we incorporate our values to one another if we can’t even find the time to hear out their feelings and their cause? All these things should be taken in consideration if we want our culture to flourish.

Rachel Carson once said, “Only within the moment of time represented by the present century as one species, man, acquired significant power to alter the nature of his world.”

Just by taking the very first step which is unity in enriching our culture, we would be able to alter the fate of our country. Through this we would be able settle our differences and transform us with one mind and one goal as Filipinos. After this transition and thorough reflections about our conflicts, we would be able to transform ourselves so we could furtherly preserve and develop our culture.

Lastly, as we transform ourselves into better Filipino citizens, we should prevent other culture to be assimilated into ours by constantly reinforcing our own with our country’s practices, music, food, manners and other things that makes us who we are.

            Oliver Wendell Holmes once stated, “I have realized that the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving”.

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