Differences Among Folk Narratives, Folk Speeches And Folk Songs

Using the graphic organizer, distinguish the differences among folk narratives, folk speeches,
and folk songs.

Folk narratives. Can be either in prose or in verse. It includes the legends, folktale, and myth. Stories that are handed down from the past up to this generation through oral/verbal and by words of mouth. It reflects and mirrors the culture, beliefs, tradition, emotions/feelings, and judgements of people from each age group.

Folk speeches. Specific language used by the folks.The dialect spoken by the common people of a country or district, as distinguished from the speech of the educated people or from the literary language. It includes the riddles and proverbs.

Folk songs. A song which originates among those people of a country or area. It is passed down through oral tradition from one person who sings to his/her next generation. It is sub-classified into folk ballads which tells a story and those who do not which form the bulk of the Philippines rich heritage of folk songs.

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