Thursday, 28 Oct 2021
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Lesson Plan in English 10 ( Literature )

Grade level: Grade 10   OBJECTIVES At the end of the discussion the students should be able to: perform a short skit to summarize the story; show appreciation of the story “The Story of Keesh” through discussion; and write a letter for the author of the story.   SUBJECT MATTER Topic: The Story of Keesh […]

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Lesson Plan The Rainbow Fish

School Capiz State University, Main Campus College Education Student/s Ma. Gracia V. Dela Cruz Course & Year BSED Filipino III A Teaching Dates and Time March 23, 2019 (Friday)          8:30 – 9:30 am Semester/SY 2nd Sem 2018-2019     I. OBJECTIVES   A. Learning Outcomes 1. Promotes the higher order thinking skills 2. Gives opportunities […]

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