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The Stressed and Unstressed Vowels

Slightly open the mouth. The tongue is in its relaxed position. This sound is unstressed or unaccented. Sometimes it is referred to as “the unpronounced” or “eaten” sound. It is also called the schwa sound which receive the weakest level of stress within a word. The same sound /a/ is pronounced when syllables with the […]

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Protrude your lips to form a small round position. Raise the tongue toward           the soft palate. This is done in a snappy and relaxed manner. This sound is known     as the short u sound. Some dictionaries use the mark u for this sound.

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Six (6) Transitivity Type or Model

Mental Processes These processes encompass senses of feelings, thinking and perceiving. They include two participants: the first one is the SENSOR who is the conscious being, and the PHENOMENON which is the sensed, felt or thought. Mental processes can be subdivided into: perception processes as seeing, hearing, etc., affection processes as liking, fearing, etc., and […]

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