Thursday, 28 Oct 2021
Category: Introduction to Journalism

Tenets of Journalism

Can journalism serve its purpose if one or two of the tenets of journalism is not evident? Why? – Journalist are responsible in delivering his/her report in many aspects. They should understand and know their rights and the rights of every person, wherein they must certain that they are compliant with legal basis to ensure […]

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Journalism vs. Literature

As an English major student, I already encountered this two important words in the world where language, symbols, grammar, communication are existing. They are both rich with their own uniqueness that anyone was fascinated to learn more about them. That’s’ the reason why some people tend to define and compare this two in various aspects. […]

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Sport News and Sport News Writing

The parts of sports has transformed to trading area by showing various changes with its importance and profitability felt by everyone. At the present time, an important reason for the sports to become popular is most of the youngsters who yields money and chose the sports not only for pleasure but also as a profession. […]

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