Belongingness: Why is it Important To Feel That You Belong?

Belongingness: Why is it Important To Feel That You Belong?

These are the thoughts and perception of Dr. Eva Fabraquel (DepED Region-6 District Supervisor) when they were asked about their opinions about belongingness during one of their seminars and workshops.

If you feel that you belong, you’ll sense an innate purpose; the motivation to do more things to those who also belong in your small circle of community. You’ll feel more motivated in knowing that you are secured and have nothing to worry about…. If everyone (in its entirety) feels that they belong in their class; that includes the teachers and students this will result in a holistic positive classroom environment at which everyone can grow at the same time.

As a school head, a supervisor, or even a teacher, imagine what it feels like to have true belongingness; you’ll feel more comfortable and secure towards everyone around you.

You’ll be able to make and reflect on small and big decisions for the school while knowing that everyone will treat you with genuine respect. There will be times where you’ll meet oppositions and adversities, but these oppositions will be constructive and have a meaningful point in regards to your opinions and thoughts.

We should strive to make ourselves feel that we belong, not only that, we should also direct our focus into making others feel that they also belong. If you want comfort, respect, and security, you should also have the initiative to give these things to your partners in the field of education. This will end up as a never-ending loop of people who supports others; a solid-founded community created by those who aims for the growth of each other.

After setting ourselves as an example for our learners, we must gradually incorporate all the values that we have learned into our style and strategies in teaching. We should have a collective goal in mind; a goal which will reap results from every corner of the classroom.

This goal can be achieved through the strategies that we have immersed ourselves in; aiming for the growth mindset, building a positive school climate, developing awareness for the students’ concerns and wellness as a whole, listening and respecting the student’s point of view, and all the other potential strategies that we have discussed.

Take a while to ponder on this quote by August Wilson from The Piano lesson, “I’ve been with strangers all day and they treated me like family. I come in here to my family and you treat me like a stranger.”

Belongingness can be as strong as or even sturdier than a family’s bond. It is what connects us; the sentiment of belongingness what makes us different from God’s other creation. Belongingness can give purpose even to a man who has lost almost everything in life; it gives hope, and a shared vision for a better future.

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