Thursday, 17 Jun 2021
Author: blogasiaph

Becoming a Lifetime Reader

Becoming a lifetime reader is very important not only for fun but also to discover new ideas and knowledge that are needed for us to face in our daily life. It is very essential that you may put at least 3 hours a week for reading.

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The Concept of multicultural diversity in the classroom

How do children differ from each other in one class?   – Children are diversified. Children differ based on their gender, age, hairstyle, hair color, height, weight, personality, behaviors, beliefs and face value. Each student is a unique individual, different in cognitive and affective development, social maturity, ability, motivation, aspiration, learning styles, needs, interests and […]

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Personal Reflection: Benchmarking is learning the best from the best practices of the world’s best educational systems

When we say the word benchmarking, it is evaluating, check, or to show particular results (something) by comparison with a standard. In connection of education, we sometimes check or evaluating which is the best learning from the best practices of the world’s best educational system. When we say best educational systems it is something a […]

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