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What is philosophy?

  It means, “love of wisdom” which people seek to understand the fundamental truths in a daily activity. Truths about the ideas the world which they live and their coexistence with other people or the relationship to the world.

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The Pre Spanish Government of the Philippines Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, the Philippines was composed of the settlements or villages, each called barangay, named after balangay, a Malayan word meaning “boat”. Every barangay was virtually a state, for it possessed the four basic elements of statehood. At times, however, some barangays joined […]

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Sport News and Sport News Writing

The parts of sports has transformed to trading area by showing various changes with its importance and profitability felt by everyone. At the present time, an important reason for the sports to become popular is most of the youngsters who yields money and chose the sports not only for pleasure but also as a profession. […]

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