An Overview and Reflection on “The Growth Mindset”

An Overview and Reflection on "The Growth Mindset"

These are the words of reflection of Dr. Eva Fabraquel (DepED Region-6 District Supervisor) during their seminar about the topic of “The Growth Mindset”

Qualities of a Person with a Growth Mindset

People that are open and welcome challenges and see it as an opportunity to grow is one of the many parts of a person who has an open mindset. These people are more often seeking for new possibilities to take, and new skills to dive into. In short, they are in a quest for seeking knowledge, learn new things, and explore life as they see fit

Growth Mindset for Students, Teachers, and School Administrators

If we incorporate the growth mindset for everyone, it will develop their skills of learning which will give them the initiative to pursue their interests, goals, and visions for the future. Instead of relying solely on marks and grades, teachers and school heads will proceed to nurture these aspects that the students have; in terms of their hobbies, trades they’re interested in, and things they want to explore in the future.

Integrating The Growth Mindset in Your Personal Life

I will be aiming for the growth mindset. It all starts with changing how I normally think about different situations. I’ll start by accepting the challenges that life has to offer; learn from it, grow along with it, overcome it, and break my boundaries.

I must say to myself that failure is a natural way to learn. I need to listen from the opinions and criticism of others so I can better improve myself. I should also motivate others to succeed in life, like I always did.

I can also grow as an individual if I support others with their positive dreams and goals in life. With these factors that I can start now and nurture as I go in life, I will be able to commit myself more to a sufficient self-improvement.

I learned that in life, we can further break our boundaries through incorporating a growth mindset. Through this, I can become a model and an inspiration for everyone to look up to; facing every challenge, hardships, and even helping everyone that deserves a brighter future along the way.

Now, I feel like I have been equipped with the knowledge and traits that I need so I can bring forth positive change towards my workplace and my community; a positive change that can inspire others, push and motivate others to go beyond what they can normally do; bring out the best inside all of us, as individuals.

How to Impart the Growth Mindset and Give Positive Change

The first thing that I have to do is to become an example of a person that has a growth mindset. Then little by little, I will share the concept within people I’m close with; workplace, family, friends, acquaintances.

Then I’ll construct a program or an orientation that can bring about the awareness in terms of growth and fixed mindset; tell them and become a living statement of how beneficial growth mindset is to them and everyone around them.

This way, everyone will be able to give it some thought, and follow an example on how to sufficiently grow as an individual and as a single community.

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